Discover what makes a blend made with black tea so enjoyable.

Tea Course

Join the US TEA EXPERIENCE TEAM on Saturday March 25th to discover what makes a blend made with black tea so enjoyable.

We'll send you a sample of a choice Chinese black tea and of Black Magnolia Tea from The Great Mississippi Tea Company, and samples of rose, lavender, and orange peel for making your blends. (US only)

Then on March 25th we’ll get together to:

  • create delicious blends with each of the two teas;
  • discover how our mouth, nose, and brain work together to give us flavor;
  • experience why each blending ingredient works best with each tea.

Tickets are only $15 to attend or $30 to attend and get a kit!

A ticket includes:

  • Access to the 2hr virtual interactive blending and tasting event with Timmy, Jason, and Virginia, to be conducted via Zoom;
  • Direct shipping of Chinese black tea and of Black Magnolia tea as well as the blending ingredients (US only).


  • Tickets are limited to keep the event interactive!
  • Sign up by March 17th to avoid expedited shipping charges.
  • This virtual event is open to all tea enthusiasts worldwide, but tea can only be shipped to addresses in the US.

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About your instructors:

The Great Mississippi Tea Company is the premiere award-winning boutique tea company growing and processing tea in the US. The farm is located in Brookhaven Mississippi, where the soil and climate, coupled with Jason & Timmy’s expertise in growing and processing the leaves, have resulted in teas that delight whether alone or included in blends. Their Great Mississippi Tea Company Cookbook has won awards for its down-home recipes that feature tea and tea rubs.

Virginia Utermohlen Lovelace MD is a tea-cher whose workshops at World Tea Expo, and tea classes for the World Tea Academy on blending and our experience of flavors, have garnered high praise. The Scents of Tea® kit that she created with Scott Svihula won a Best of Tea Award at World Tea Expo 2021. She is the author of Tea: a Nerd’s Eye View and most recently A Nerd’s Tea Lab, both available on Amazon.


Tickets are available now. Tickets include entry into the session, as well as the box with teas and the ingredients needed to create the blends.

=>>> In order to receive your box on time you must purchase your ticket by March 17th@ 5pm CDT.


What is included in the ticket price? All tickets include access to the online event. The Event + Box ticket category also includes a box containing the teas and blending ingredients shipped you.

How will the box be shipped to me? The box will be shipped by The Great Mississippi Tea Company to the mailing address you provide.

Where do you ship to? The Great Mississippi Tea Company can ship nationwide (USA). No international shipping at this time.

Can you ship to a PO Box? Yes, though we recommend that you provide your home address as your shipping address.

When will I receive the teas & blending ingredients that are included with my ticket? We close regular ticket sales on March 17th at 5pm CDT to ensure delivery to you on time. Your box should arrive on or before March 24th, 2023.

How will you ensure the box gets to me in time? Average shipping times are approximately 4-5 days. We are cutting off ticket sales a week before the event to make sure each ticket holder receives their box before the online event. If we have delivery issues, we will contact you through the phone number you provide. However we cannot guarantee that the US Postal Service delivers any package on time.

How are damaged packages handled? Neither The Great Mississippi Tea Company nor its sponsors and partners are responsible for damaged packages. The Great Mississippi Tea Company takes pride in their packaging and ensuring customers receive the highest quality of products.

I missed the cut-off date. Can I still get a ticket for the virtual class? Once the deadlines pass for this event, there is no way to gain access to it. However, this class isn't a one-off! in addition to similar events planned for the coming months, we may offer this class again if there is sufficient demand. Let us know what you would like!

I can't make the online event. Can I still purchase a ticket to get the box? Yes. If you can't attend the online event or simply are not interested in doing so, you can still purchase a ticket to receive the box shipped directly to the mailing address you provide. Please note that all sales are final and there are no discounts, refunds or exchanges should you not join the online event portion.

Can I buy more than one ticket? Yes, each ticket provides one box, and online access for one person. If you would like to participate with a friend, you must purchase a ticket for that person . Please note: if you purchase multiple tickets at once all of the boxes will be sent to the same shipping address unless you purchase each ticket separately.

Will the online event be recorded? Yes. The recorded event will be available for a short while after the event. Once the recording is uploaded, we will send you a link.

How do I join the online event? We'll be hosting the event through Zoom. Prior to the event we'll send you a link to join the online event—no special programs or apps needed. You should be able to join from anywhere on any device. We recommend that you join the event through Zoom about 15 minutes ahead of time, as it takes Zoom a little while to connect us up.

Can I ask questions during the online event? Absolutely! When we start the event your audio will be muted, but you can use Zoom's chat feature to ask a question, or use Zoom's "Raise Hand" feature— we'll stop periodically to pay attention to your questions in the chat stream, and the "Raise Hand" feature will help when we get into discussions. That way we avoid people talking over each other.

How will you ensure the online event is a safe environment? We ask that all participants be polite and courteous. The Great Mississippi Tea Company and its sponsors/partners reserve the right to remove with no refund any participant from the event who is disruptive or behaving inappropriately.

Can I take part in the online event by phone only? Yes, we'll provide you with a call-in phone number so you can attend via phone and participate with audio only. However, you won't have access to the chat or the Raise Hand feature. Please let us know if you are planning to call in by phone so we can make arrangements for answering your questions during or after the event.

Do I have to be visible via video if I sign in with my computer? Not at all! If you don't want to be seen, just don't turn on "Join with video" when the link goes live, or you can turn off the video link by clicking on Stop Video in the lower left hand corner of your screen. BTW, you can add a fun background to replace the view of where you are by going to the up arrow next to Stop/Start Video—you'll find a bunch of backgrounds from which to choose.

Do I need anything besides the contents of the box to participate? Yes. If you want to make the blends along with us you will need:

  • four small bowls for preparing and brewing the blends;
  • a kettle for preparing water for brewing the tea;
  • four cups for tasting the teas.

In the box, you’ll receive instructions for making the blends.

Does the tea contain caffeine? Yes, Black Magnolia, the tea that is included in this tasting, contains caffeine. Unfortunately, there is no caffeine-free option.


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