Celebrating 10 years of tea growing in the USA


Over 10 years ago we took a vacation to a tea farm and left asking, "could we grow tea?". We planted 6 tea plants by the house and said if we could get just one tea plant to live, we will give tea farming a go. Over half did not make it. We decided to follow through on growing tea, based on three living tea plants.

We knew we didn't want to raise cattle which had been done on the family property in the past. We also considered tree farming but tea plants just seemed far more sustainable with the increasingly harsh weather. Tea plants can handle the Hurricane winds better than a Pine Tree.

We would go on to plant 30,000 more tea plants, again losing a large number as we continued on our journey to master the care for the plants in this unique Mississippi climate. 

Today, 1000 of those tea plants are fully producing for us. Almost 40,000 tea plants exist on the farm. 

It takes 5 years before a tea plant becomes fully productive. But now those 1000 tea plants are helping us deliver tea to Americans closer to home.

It hasn't been an easy process but we are getting there. There has been a huge amount of investment and many hoops to work our way through. But one thing that has kept us motivated, has been the support of our tea fans. 


Jason & Timmy

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