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The Boston Tea Party & 250 Year Anniversary Re-enactment

A Night of Rebellion: The Boston Tea Party and Its Upcoming Re-enactment Once a city on the brink. The Boston Tea Party was a pivotal moment in American history, a dramatic act of defiance that ignited the flames of revolution. On December 16, 1773, a group of colonists disguised as Mohawk Indians boarded three British ships docked in Boston Harbor and dumped 342 chests of tea into the water. This act of protest, fueled by years of rising tensions and resentment over British taxation policies, marked a turning point in the American colonies' struggle for independence. Who knew tea could be such a symbol of resistance. The Boston Tea Party was more than just a destruction of tea; it was a...

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The Great Mississippi Tea Company's 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to our 2023 North American Holiday Gift Guide just for tea fans! Tea is meant to be shared. It is communal. That is why we are sharing not just our tea products but tea products from many North American retailers. Our goal is to help promote North American tea companies. If you are new to us visit our page to learn about our story in becoming Mississippi's largest tea farm. Many of the suggestions below came to us from tea fans from within the Facebook Group Tea Lovers Club. Make sure to check out this fun and interactive group of tea fans. Tea sellers known to us are listed as Friends of GMTC. Don't miss our next tea shopping...

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How to store your tea correctly.

When you purchase tea from us, we think it is important that the quality of that leaf lasts. But how you store your tea, impacts how the tea will taste over time. You will notice that when you purchase a bag of tea from us that it comes in a brown bag, with a foil inside and a sealing strip along the top. These bags are excellent for ensuring the quality of your tea.  The #1 enemy of your tea is moisture and light. Both of these greatly degrades the quality of your tea and will prevent it from lasting for an extended period of time.  We often see teas stored in glass jars. Unfortunately, glass jars (even though they...

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