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Guest Blog Post: A visit to The Great Mississippi Tea Company

Written by guest blogger, Flo Sares who lives in Colorado and writes articles and humor through The views and opinions expressed by Flo Sares, are those of her own and are not necessarily the same as The Great Mississippi Tea Company.  A visit to The Great Mississippi Tea Company “We’re going to visit a tea farm in Mississippi.”  “Excuse me? They grow tea in Mississippi?” When I first heard of this tea, my response was the same. I can’t help but picture the high mountain teas of China, India, or Taiwan. But altitude is not the fundamental requirement.  On this tea farm in southern Mississippi there is loess soil, a soil high in minerals, specifically iron, which makes for a particularly sweet tea....

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How to make frothed milk for tea

  Making frothed milk is not overly difficult and can really make a cup of tea extra special. All you need is some milk (the higher fat milk the better) and a great cup of tea. Let's get started! What types of tea go best with frothed milk? Really any tea that you would normally add milk to. But two of our favorite teas to get frothy with are Pumpkin Spice tea and Chai. The hint of spices in these teas mixed with the milk just make the tea smooth and even more delicious. How to froth your milk? Step 1: Make your tea according to the directions on the back of your bag of Great Mississippi tea. Steeping times...

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Find our US Grown Tea In North America

Where can you find our US grown tea, closer to home? Here is a map of where you can find our US Grown tea outside of our website. As more and more of our US grown tea comes into fruition we continue to work to get our tea available to you, even closer to home. We are very pleased to be chosen to sit on retail shelves or online shelves at companies near you. A lot of these wonderful retail stores provide many other great shopping options so check them out.   Links to the retailers that carry a selection of our tea: US Retailers Hall & Company, Brookhaven, MS Elmwood Fine Teas, Danville, Ky Blue Monkey Tea Company, Pittsburgh, PA...

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Mississippi made Chai & Pumpkin Spice tea

Our Chai and Pumpkin Spice teas have the perfect seasonal flavor. These two teas are wonderful teas for the fall and holiday season and contain our US grown Black tea. The blend of spices in each tea is comforting and full of aroma. Spiced teas have a way of connecting a taste to a special time. Pumpkin Spice flavors connect you to the beautiful feeling of fall while Chai has a Christmas seasonal feeling.  Let's look closer at each tea: A Chai made with US grown black tea Chai was originated in India and is a very common drink there. Many families will have their own blend. Chai itself means "tea" in many languages. Thus, you do not need to refer...

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13 Moons Oolong tea wins gold at the NATC Tea Competition

We are excited to share that our 13 Moons Oolong tea made in collaboration with guest tea processor Beverly Wainwright of the Scottish Tea Factory, has won gold at the NATC Competition. The competition held by the Tea & Herbal Association of Canada judges teas based on lead dry, leaf wet, appearance, flavor and overall impact. This tea is very special to us for many great reasons. First, it was made with our friend and what we consider a "tea goddess" Beverly Wainwright. Beverly's experience in the tea industry is outstanding and includes her traveling and working worldwide on bringing tea companies and tea to life. She is an expert in tea processing. She is most certainly at the heart...

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