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The Great Mississippi Tea Company's 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to our 2023 North American Holiday Gift Guide just for tea fans! Tea is meant to be shared. It is communal. That is why we are sharing not just our tea products but tea products from many North American retailers. Our goal is to help promote North American tea companies. If you are new to us visit our page to learn about our story in becoming Mississippi's largest tea farm. Many of the suggestions below came to us from tea fans from within the Facebook Group Tea Lovers Club. Make sure to check out this fun and interactive group of tea fans. Tea sellers known to us are listed as Friends of GMTC. Don't miss our next tea shopping...

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You only see about 5% of what we post on Social media if you are an active follower. Joining our email list helps you not miss out. Why should I join if I follow you on social media? On your social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you will only see about 5% of what we post and that is only if you actively engage with us online through likes, comments and shares. Email is the best way to ensure you don't miss important communications from us. How often do we email? We email approximately once a week. If we have limited time offers or some extra special news we may email you an additional time in the week....

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Celebrating 10 years of tea growing in the USA

  Over 10 years ago we took a vacation to a tea farm and left asking, "could we grow tea?". We planted 6 tea plants by the house and said if we could get just one tea plant to live, we will give tea farming a go. Over half did not make it. We decided to follow through on growing tea, based on three living tea plants. We knew we didn't want to raise cattle which had been done on the family property in the past. We also considered tree farming but tea plants just seemed far more sustainable with the increasingly harsh weather. Tea plants can handle the Hurricane winds better than a Pine Tree. We would go on to plant 30,000...

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How to make frothed milk for tea

  Making frothed milk is not overly difficult and can really make a cup of tea extra special. All you need is some milk (the higher fat milk the better) and a great cup of tea. Let's get started! What types of tea go best with frothed milk? Really any tea that you would normally add milk to. But two of our favorite teas to get frothy with are Pumpkin Spice tea and Chai. The hint of spices in these teas mixed with the milk just make the tea smooth and even more delicious. How to froth your milk? Step 1: Make your tea according to the directions on the back of your bag of Great Mississippi tea. Steeping times...

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