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Big Soft Chai Tea Cinnamon Buns

Cinnamon buns are an incredible and delicious treat know for it's mixture of spice, sweetness and soft fluffy rolled up dough. Now, we take this favorite recipe and take it to a whole new level by adding in an extra boost of flavor with our Chai ground and mixed in. The result is even more flavorful than the original.  We are not going to waste anytime and provide you the recipe up front and all the commentary at the bottom. Scroll past the recipe for more links, information on Chai and more. Kitchen tools required for this recipe: Bowls, Measuring spoons and cups, 3 Quart baking pan (13x9), coffee grinder or something to grind your Chai tea into a powder,...

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We are raising money for animals through Bow Wow Chai tea sales.

In November we committed that $1 from every 1oz of Bow Wow Chai tea sold, would go to Brookhaven Animal Rescue League. We are happy to share that we have sold 234oz of our Bow Wow Chai, raising $234 for the Brookhaven Animal Rescue League (BARL), so far. The $234 will be on top of the $500 that was donated up front, to ensure that if no tea is sold, BARL would benefit from our program no matter what. Brookhaven Animal Rescue League (BARL) is a no kill, dog and cat shelter in Brookhaven, Mississippi. They work tirelessly to shelter animals (some for many years) trying to help them find forever homes. Everyday an animal is in the shelter, they...

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New Bow Wow Chai tea

A delicious holiday tea. We are excited about our new Limited Edition Bow Wow Chai tea that was added to our farm store. This India inspired tea, is a creamy flavor explosion in a cup that is purely delicious. Made with our Black Magnolia tea, the flavor explosion comes from the added cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, allspice, cloves, and black peppercorns.  Although a very common tea in India, Chai tea is most loved for its seasonal feel in the US. It can be enjoyed with or without milk, but to get the best creamy flavor, milk (or a milk substitute*) is recommended. This is the Limited Edition Bow Wow Chai tea recipe card included with every oz of tea.  * Milk substitute can...

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