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Big Soft Chai Tea Cinnamon Buns

Cinnamon buns are an incredible and delicious treat know for it's mixture of spice, sweetness and soft fluffy rolled up dough. Now, we take this favorite recipe and take it to a whole new level by adding in an extra boost of flavor with our Chai ground and mixed in. The result is even more flavorful than the original.  We are not going to waste anytime and provide you the recipe up front and all the commentary at the bottom. Scroll past the recipe for more links, information on Chai and more. Kitchen tools required for this recipe: Bowls, Measuring spoons and cups, 3 Quart baking pan (13x9), coffee grinder or something to grind your Chai tea into a powder,...

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Mississippi made Chai & Pumpkin Spice tea

Our Chai and Pumpkin Spice teas have the perfect seasonal flavor. These two teas are wonderful teas for the fall and holiday season and contain our US grown Black tea. The blend of spices in each tea is comforting and full of aroma. Spiced teas have a way of connecting a taste to a special time. Pumpkin Spice flavors connect you to the beautiful feeling of fall while Chai has a Christmas seasonal feeling.  Let's look closer at each tea: A Chai made with US grown black tea Chai was originated in India and is a very common drink there. Many families will have their own blend. Chai itself means "tea" in many languages. Thus, you do not need to refer...

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