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You only see about 5% of what we post on Social media if you are an active follower. Joining our email list helps you not miss out.

Why should I join if I follow you on social media?

On your social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you will only see about 5% of what we post and that is only if you actively engage with us online through likes, comments and shares. Email is the best way to ensure you don't miss important communications from us.

How often do we email?

We email approximately once a week. If we have limited time offers or some extra special news we may email you an additional time in the week. This can happen when an offer is ending and we want to make sure you have access to it before it is gone or if we are launching a new tea course that same week as other tea news. But we do not email daily and do our best not to leave you feeling spammed.

Will you try and sell me stuff?

We have to be totally honest and transparent, yes. But you always have the control on the purchase. We will just highlight things about our products that you may not know. But if you choose to buy that is always up to you.

Do you only try to sell me stuff through email?

No, we will share all sorts of tea based information including:

  • Tea plant education
  • New online course announcements
  • Product tips
  • Recipes
  • Operational updates (shipping deadlines, holiday hours)

Will I get to know about new products?

Yes! In fact in most cases, our email customers will get to know first about when a new product is available. This can be a great feature as some products can sell out really fast such as our Pine Needle Tea. 

How do I join your email list?

It is simple, just sign up here.


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