Black Tea "Black Magnolia"
Black Magnolia Black Tea
Black Magnolia Black Tea
Black Tea "Black Magnolia"
Hot Black Magnolia Black Tea
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Black Magnolia Black Tea

Black Tea "Black Magnolia"

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100% Mississippi grown Black Tea 

The 100% Pure US Grown Black Tea is a popular type of black tea in the United States. It is lightly oxidized, which means the tea leaves undergo a partial fermentation process, allowing for a balance of flavors and a more delicate taste profile compared to fully oxidized black teas.

This inventory is First Flush harvest of the 2024 season.

In 2015, this particular black tea won first place in the non-commercial division of the Tea of the United States Awards, which is a recognition of its quality and flavor. The award highlights its exceptional characteristics and distinguishes it among other teas in its category.

When brewed, this black tea exhibits flavor notes reminiscent of sweet potatoes, molasses, malt, and stone fruit. These flavors combine to create a unique and enjoyable taste experience for tea enthusiasts.

Overall, this black tea offers a distinct Mississippi flavor, showcasing the craftsmanship and dedication involved in its production.

  • Made with 100% US Grown Tea.
  • Sustainably grown.
  • No use of pesticides or fungicides.

1 rounded tsp per 8 oz. of 200F water. Steep for 5 minutes. Enjoy!

Note: Our tea is loose-leaf and you may require a tea infuser. Shop infusers here.

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