Mississippi Mint Green Tea
Mint Green Tea "Mississippi Mint"
Mississippi Mint Green Tea

Mint Green Tea "Mississippi Mint"

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Mississippi Mint "Green Tea".

This is a delightful tea blend that combines the refreshing taste of mint with the outstanding flavor of US-grown green tea. This carefully crafted blend is perfect for those that love the warmth of a good cup of mint tea.

What makes this tea so great? It is all in the ingredients.

  1. 100% US Grown Tea: We start with a high-quality green tea hand-picked from the lush tea gardens right here in Mississippi. Known for its grassy and slightly sweet taste, this green tea provides a smooth and delicate base for our blend.
  2. Spearmint Oil: To infuse the tea with a vibrant minty flavor, we use premium spearmint oil. The cool and refreshing essence of spearmint adds a revitalizing twist to each sip.
  3. Kaffir Lime: The zesty and citrusy notes of Kaffir lime leaves are incorporated into this blend to complement the minty flavors. This tropical addition adds a tangy and bright undertone, balancing the overall taste profile of the tea.
  4. Sage: To bring a subtle earthy element to the blend, we incorporate sage leaves. Known for its aromatic properties and gentle herbal essence, sage adds depth and complexity to the tea, creating a well-rounded flavor experience.

The combination of all these ingredients results in a harmonious medley of flavor. Sit back, indulge in the delightful aroma, and savor every sip of this unique tea creation. Enjoy the minty goodness of this green tea blend, proudly crafted with premium US-grown tea leaves.

1 rounded tsp per 8 oz. of 185F water. Steep for 3 minutes. 

Note: Ingredients processed in a facility that handles nuts and soy.

Our tea is loose-leaf and you may require a tea infuser. Shop infusers here.