Mississippi Sunshine Yellow Tea
Mississippi Sunshine Leaf
Yellow Tea "Mississippi Sunshine"
Mississippi Sunshine in a cup
Yellow Tea "Mississippi Sunshine"

Yellow Tea "Mississippi Sunshine"

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100% Pure US Grown Yellow Tea

We proudly present our exclusive Mississippi Sunshine, Yellow Tea. Carefully cultivated and handcrafted right here in the United States. This tea is rare to be produced in America. We have taken great care in crafting this exquisite tea and we invite you to indulge in the flavors and aromas of our 100% Pure US Grown Yellow Tea.

What makes our Yellow Tea so unique?

It all begins with the distinct flavor of Mississippi grown tea leaves. Then we combine it with a innovative tea-making process that is one of the firsts in the USA to produce this rare tea which is typically only ever made in China. Our Yellow Tea starts out as a green tea and undergoes a careful fermentation process that takes five days, resulting in a remarkable infusion that captivates the senses and makes it into a yellow tea.

Mississippi Sunshine has a subtle sweet flavor.

As a fermented green tea, it retains all the distinctive qualities of green tea without the characteristic grassiness. The result is a tea that embodies the best of both worlds, offering a refined and sophisticated taste profile. Savor its subtle sweetness, delicate floral notes, and a smooth, mellow finish that leaves you craving for more.

This tea has flavor notes of honey and citrus with a slight earthiness. 

Elevate your tea moments and become part of an exclusive community that appreciates the artistry and rarity of this exceptional brew. Indulge in the extraordinary flavors and elegant character of 100% Pure US Grown Yellow Tea. 

  • Made with 100% US Grown Tea.
  • Sustainably grown.
  • No use of pesticides or fungicides.

1 rounded tsp per 8 oz. of 175F water. Steep for 3 minutes. Enjoy!

Note: Our tea is loose-leaf and you may require a tea infuser. Shop infusers here.

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