Pumpkin Spice - Limited Edition

Pumpkin Spice - Limited Edition

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Pumpkin Spice tea made with 100% US Grown tea leaves.

After many requests we have developed a new fall tea with the much loved and nostalgic flavors of fall. Pumpkin Spice tea!

We know many of you love the warmth and cozy feel that you get from the Pumpkin Spice flavor. Mixing that with our US grown Black tea just turned out truly special. 

Flavors include: Black magnolia tea leaves, pumpkin pieces, pink cornflower, pumpkin spice extract, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, allspice, clove and black peppercorns.

Before you take your first sip of this tea, that fall feeling will resonate with you. Then when you take your first sip you will love how the flavor blends perfectly with the tea. Not at all overwhelming, just right. You get the taste of a Pumpkin Pie without all the calories.

This tea is great hot or cold. 

  • Made with 100% US Grown Tea.
  • Sustainably grown.
  • No use of pesticides or fungicides.

    This will only be available this fall season, so stock up today!

    Note: Our tea is loose-leaf and you may require a tea infuser. Shop infusers here.