4 Flavored US Tea Gift Box
4 US Grown Blended/Flavored Tea Collection

4 US Grown Blended/Flavored Tea Collection

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A premium collection of 4 outstanding flavored teas in one great gift box.

Can't just decide on one or two teas? We have curated this collection of teas for those who like to try different flavors for different day, moods, times, etc.
This collection includes: 1 oz of each tea

Grilled Southern Peach - One of our most popular flavored teas with it's ability to refresh you hot or cold. With peach flavoring, carefully cold-smoked US tea leaves and actual pieces of peach, this tea hints of peach flavor make it delicious.

Mississippi MudThis is a Black Magnolia based tea that is flavored with chocolate and hazelnut extract. The hazelnut and chocolate bring out the natural cocoa/maltiness of the Black Magnolia in the most brilliant way.

Mississippi Mint - This is a carefully crafted hand-plucked green tea is infused with a vibrant minty flavor, we use premium spearmint oil. The cool and refreshing essence of spearmint adds a revitalizing twist to each sip. It also includes Kaffir Lime Tree leaves for the tangy and bright undertone and Sage to bring a subtle earthy element to the blend.

Colonel Grey - This is a Black Magnolia based tea that is flavored with premium bergamot oil then blended with orange peel, lavender flowers, and sage.

All made with 100% US Grown Tea with no pesticides of fungicides. 

This tea collection has a total of 4 oz of tea.  

Note: Our tea is loose-leaf and you may require a tea infuser. Shop infusers here or try it with a Professional Tea tasting set here.

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