Travel Tea Infuser
Travel Tea Infuser Mug
Travel Tea Infuser Mug

Travel Tea Infuser Mug

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12 oz Borosilicate Travel Tea Mug

12 oz borosilicate travel mug with bamboo lid and infuser. Perfect for the loose leaf tea drinker on the go. It is easily packed into a suitcase or carry-on so that tea can be enjoyed away from home when brewing accessories are limited (Airbnb stays, hotel rooms, etc). 

This mug features:

SUPERIOR QUALITY GLASS -  This Travel Mug is made with Borosilicate glass which has been used in laboratories for decades because it is able to withstand rapid cooling and heating without shattering. 

SLEEK CLEAR DESIGN - This glass is crystal clear and used in high-end restaurants, wineries, and laboratories. Watch your tea steep in classic style.

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL - Strain your tea and use the lid to prevent drips. Put the cover on top and walk outside to your favorite spot in the garden to sip your tea without spilling a drop.

Dishwasher and microwave safe.

We love tea ware that allows you the chance to see your tea. Get a good look at the rich colors of your beautiful teas with this great travel mug.