How To Germinate A Tea Seed

Germinated Tea Seeds


Over the years we have had to master getting our tea seeds to germinate. The below process has worked for us consistently throughout the years and should help you grow new tea plants from seed.

Steps to getting your tea seeds to germinate.

  1. Plant the seeds in a container, you will need to place them half way in, half way out of the soil.
  2. Wet down the soil and cover with something like plastic wrap.
  3. The seeds need to be kept in a warm place while they germinate. If you notice the soil drying up, add more water. The goal is to keep them consistently moist but not soggy.

Note: Tea seeds do not require light to germinate

Can you plant your tea seeds in something other than pots?

Yes, you can plant your tea seeds into a bed or tray. Anything really. You will just need to be able to cover with plastic, keep them warm and keep them moist.

Tea seeds in a pan

How long does it take for tea seeds to germinate?

It can take 7 to 9 weeks for them to germinate.

How do I care for the tea seeds after they germinate?

Once they start to germinate and they are about an inch out of the soil, the plastic can be removed. Then once they are about 4 to 6 inches tall they can be potted into individual pots.

Tea Plants Ready To Be Potted Up

What type of soil is best for tea seed germination?

Tea plants prefer an Acidic soil. And the best soil for germinating will be a loose fast draining soil.

Soil for tea seeds

Do you need to cold stratify your tea seeds?

No, tea seeds do not require cold stratification. They do need to be kept consistently warm and moist.

When do you feed your tea seeds a fertilizer for the first time?

You do not need to worry about feeding your tea seeds until after they germinated and you have planted into their individual pots

What do you fertilize young tea plants with?

We use Osmocoat a slow release fertilizer.

When should you prune your young tea plants for the first time?

If you are putting them in the ground, you should prune right after planting. If you are planting in a pot, prune them once they are 10" tall. 

For more information on pruning tea plants visit our blog page here.

This should help you achieve germination with your tea seeds. Make sure to visit our blog for more information on tea plant care.

How many tea seeds did we plant in 2024?

We planted a whopping 22 thousand tea seeds this year. Some seeds will be shared with some tea friends and the local university. Many will help us replace some tea plants after we experienced a drought in the 2023 tea season.

22 Thousand USA Planted Tea Seeds

Where did we get our tea seeds from?

In 2024 we got our tea seeds from Taiwan and Nepal.

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