The BEST way to store your tea for lasting freshness.

When you purchase tea from us, we think it is important that the quality of that leaf lasts. But how you store your tea, impacts how the tea will taste over time. You will notice that when you purchase a bag of tea from us that it comes in a brown bag, with a foil inside and a sealing strip along the top. These bags are excellent for ensuring the quality of your tea. 

Tea In Brown Bags

The #1 enemy of your tea is moisture and light. Both of these greatly degrade the quality of your tea and will prevent it from lasting for an extended period of time. 

We often see teas stored in glass jars. Unfortunately, glass jars (even though they can seal well), let the light in. Even if they are within a building, if there are windows, it is letting light in. 

So when your tea starts to taste less than magical, often, the culprit is improper storage. Here are some considerations for storing your tea in the best way to maintain freshness. 

The Enemies of Tea Leaves:

Think of tea as a delicate creature, vulnerable to four nefarious foes: light, heat, moisture, and air. Light breaks down the precious oils and antioxidants, robbing your tea of its vibrant aroma and complex taste. Heat accelerates this process, while moisture promotes the growth of mold and unwanted flavors. Air, the omnipresent villain, acts as a gateway for all of these, slowly siphoning the life out of your precious leaves.

Fortress of Flavor: Choosing the Right Container:

The first line of defense is your storage container. Ditch the flimsy cardboard boxes and embrace the power of airtight container or package. Think tins, or even stainless steel canisters or in our case leave it in the original packaging. These heroes shield your tea from light and air, while also preventing the transfer of unwanted odors from your kitchen (no garlic-infused Earl Grey, thank you very much).

Location, Location, Location:

Just like real estate, location is key. Find your tea a cool, dark haven. A pantry shelf away from the oven's heat is ideal. Avoid humid areas like the sink or refrigerator (unless it's unopened, the fridge can introduce unwanted condensation). Remember, tea thrives in a dry, temperate environment.

Where You Buy It Matters:

Buy your tea locally and from small farmers if you can. When our local customers are buying from us they are buying tea that was grown and dried that year. It has not spent months being transported to reach ports and be shipped to a retail to then be sold. It is direct. The single origin shopping process gives buyers access to a fresher product.


How long can tea be stored?

Tea can be stored for up to 2 years according to the FDA.

Can tea be stored in the freezer?

Yes, but it is not necessary. Tea is just fine outside the freezer as long as it is sealed and out of the light. You won't harm it in the freezer but it does not help it either. 

Does this apply to all of your teas?

Black tea, Green Tea, Oolong tea, Earl Grey, Chai tea etc. All of our teas should be stored in dark containers and well sealed.

Simple Tips for Tea-riffic Living:

    • Sniff before you steep: A quick sniff test is your early warning system. If your tea smells dull or musty, it's probably past its prime.
    • Label your lovelies: Don't let mystery brews haunt your cupboards. Label your canisters with the type of tea and date of purchase.
    • Embrace the ritual: Storing tea properly is half the battle, but brewing with care is the other half. Take your time, use the right water temperature, and savor the experience.

By following these simple tips, you'll ensure your tea stash remains a haven of flavorful delights. So, go forth, brew boldly, and remember, a well-stored cup of tea is a journey for the senses, waiting to be unraveled.

Cheers to happy steeping!

We hope this helps you make your tea last longer!


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