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What is Black Tea? A beginners guide to the most popular tea.

What is Black tea? Black tea is a tea made from the Camellia Sinensis plant. The new leaves from a tea bush are plucked and then processed to make the highly consumed beverage. Black tea is processed differently from other teas which gives it a stronger flavor and darker color. It is a more Oxidized tea. All tea comes from the same tea plant, Camellia Sinensis. The only exception would be herbal teas which may not contain any tea leaves at all.  In the South, Black tea is more commonly drank as a cold tea. Depending on your tastes it will either be a unsweet cold tea or a sweet cold tea. Check out Timmy's great recipe for making a true...

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Save money on your tea by storing it correctly.

When you purchase tea from us, we think it is important that the quality of that leaf lasts. But how you store your tea, impacts how the tea will taste over time. You will notice that when you purchase a bag of tea from us that it comes in a brown bag, with a foil inside and a sealing strip along the top. These bags are excellent for ensuring the quality of your tea.  The #1 enemy of your tea is moisture and light. Both of these greatly degrades the quality of your tea and will prevent it from lasting for an extended period of time.  We often see teas stored in glass jars. Unfortunately, glass jars (even though they...

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How to brew the BEST cup of tea.

    When tea is made at the farm it is always with a timer and a thermometer or a kettle with a heat gauge. Proper temperature and time ensures all the right flavors come out in the tea. In some of the teas if the water gets too hot, it destroys some of the best flavors. Let it sit for too long and the tea can taste bitter. In other teas if you don't get it hot enough, it won't bring out the right flavor. Each tea has its own unique recipe. To reach the optimal flavor with our tea, you can find the instructions on the packaging of each bag of tea that you purchase from us. You...

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