A tea plant with history.

There are so many great stories at the tea farm. Jason is sharing about one of the tea plants displayed at the front of the farm.
This tea plant was donated to the farm from a lovely person from Hattiesburg. It was shared that the plants were acquired from Lipton Tea which they brought over to the US after fearing tea imports could be impacted by overseas relations. It was the 50’s, a difficult time for some international relations and Lipton wanted to test out tea growing.
The research station closed down some years ago. But some of the plants still remain throughout Mississippi. The tea plant donation, allows us to preserve a bit of history in a very fitting place.
Ironically, as container ships get stuck at docks. The goal to have tea closer to home, remains valuable for American tea drinkers.
The tea farm is full of great little stories like this. Join us for a tea farm experience by booking a tour with us. Jason and Timmy share this much better in person!
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