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Guest Blog Post: A visit to The Great Mississippi Tea Company

Written by guest blogger, Flo Sares who lives in Colorado and writes articles and humor through The views and opinions expressed by Flo Sares, are those of her own and are not necessarily the same as The Great Mississippi Tea Company.  A visit to The Great Mississippi Tea Company “We’re going to visit a tea farm in Mississippi.”  “Excuse me? They grow tea in Mississippi?” When I first heard of this tea, my response was the same. I can’t help but picture the high mountain teas of China, India, or Taiwan. But altitude is not the fundamental requirement.  On this tea farm in southern Mississippi there is loess soil, a soil high in minerals, specifically iron, which makes for a particularly sweet tea....

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What is the difference between our two Oolong teas?

We offer Mississippi Belle Oolong and Mississippi Empress Oolong in our online farm store each year. Oolong teas are rare in the US and usually made in Southern China and Taiwan. It requires a UV process to achieve the right flavor. But we found we can use technology to duplicate the UV process right here in Mississippi and still achieve the great Oolong flavor. Thus, allowing us to make this great tea closer to home. So what is the difference between the two Oolong teas? Mississippi Belle Oolong tea is made all season long. We have a particular plant that is needed for this tea. It has a more robust flavor. A smooth buttery mouthfeel. It has flavor notes of...

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