The Great Mississippi Tea Company's 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to our 2023 North American Holiday Gift Guide just for tea fans!

Tea is meant to be shared. It is communal. That is why we are sharing not just our tea products but tea products from many North American retailers. Our goal is to help promote North American tea companies. If you are new to us visit our page to learn about our story in becoming Mississippi's largest tea farm.

Many of the suggestions below came to us from tea fans from within the Facebook Group Tea Lovers Club. Make sure to check out this fun and interactive group of tea fans. Tea sellers known to us are listed as Friends of GMTC.

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Tea Cups & Mugs

Elmwood Fine Teas  Always In Bloom Tea Mug

Always In Bloom Mug

From our friends at Elmwood Fine Tea in Kentucky this is a colonial-inspired tea mug that comes complete with an infuser basket that makes steeping loose leaf tea so easy! 



Pottery Mugs - Berteas

A woman owned small business, we love it already! This beautiful mug was handcrafted in Georgia. Berteas was a suggested business from a tea fan from the Tea Lovers Club on Facebook. Thank you Lindsey for this one. 

West Virginia


Nature Themed Mugs

Our friends at Oregon Traders has a great selection of nature themed mugs. Bunnies with radishes on heads or Humming Birds and Strawberries. The mugs are full of character a beautiful color.

Oregon - Friend of GMTC

Infuser Mug

Travel Mug

12 oz borosilicate travel mug with bamboo lid and infuser. Perfect for the loose leaf tea drinker on the go. It is easily packed into a suitcase or carry-on so that tea can be enjoyed away from home when brewing accessories are limited (Airbnb stays, hotel rooms, etc). 


Mississippi - This is us!

SanTea Time

SanTea Time Mug

From our friend Virginia who we have worked with on many a tea project. She has a cute mug with her signature cool tea leaf on it. See more here.

Mississippi - Friend of GMTC

Love At First Artichoke Mug

Oregon Tea Traders Mug

From our friends at Oregon Tea Traders this super cute mug is perfect for those that like drinkware that just makes you smile.


Christmas Tea

Cranberry Orange

Cranberry Orange

What a great holiday tea from our friends at The World Tea House. The owner Phil is a friend of ours who sells his tea from all the way up North in Canada! He does ship to the USA, so shop away!

This is a festive Holiday blend featuring local cranberries, citrus and rooibos. Brews a delicious orange tart cup.

Halifax, NS - Friend of GMTC

Candy Cane Tea

Candy Cane Tea

A great tea from our friends at Oregon Tea Traders this Candy Cane Tea is perfect for the holidays. 

Especially popular during the holidays for a Christmas tea, though it's a year round treat. Spearmint and Peppermint are blended with Red tea to produce a very soothing herbal combination. Great for kids. Naturally caffeine free. 

Ingredients: Organic Rooibos from South Africa, Organic Peppermint, Organic Spearmint

Oregon - Friend of GMTC


Apple Cider Holiday Tea

Thunder's Apple Cider Holiday Tea

All the holiday flavors you love in a tea. Our Limited Edition Holiday tea is a "Pawsom" cup of tea made with Black Magnolia, Orange Peel, Cinnamon clove and Dried Apple Cinnamon pieces. Reminiscent of apple cider, with the luscious aroma of cinnamon and cloves, make this cup the perfect accompaniment to the colors of the harvest season. See it here.

Mississippi - This is us!

Cooking With Tea

Millenia Tea

 The Organic Chopped Tea Bundle

From our friends at Millenia tea who are using tea in great ways.

1 tablespoon of this leafy goodness will elevate any recipe; shakes, smoothies, soups, dressings and so on. Or, steep it loose or in your infuser for your daily energy + antioxidant boost.  

St.Johns - Friends of GMTC

Tea Rubs Gift Set

Tea Rubs

Cook with the goodness of tea and with great flavor with our selection of great tea rubs. Each one spiced for different food options like Veggie and Seafood Rub or Beef Tea Rub. You buy each on individually of get the full set of 4.

Cook with the goodness of tea!


Mississippi - This is us!

Tea Cookbook

Great Mississippi Tea Company Cookbook

Rubs, infusions, and the teas themselves — all play a part in making these recipes extra special, whether you are sharing a meal or entertaining a crowd.

Mississippi - This is us!

"You're my cup of tea", bracelet

Tea Bracelet

Submitted by a tea fan here is a special find with the "You're my cup of tea bracelet". A unique and special tea find for sure!

Unique Tea Products 

Millenia Tea

 Tea Cubes Starter Kit

This is a very innovative tea company, so much so they are winning awards for innovations. Our friends at Millenia Tea Company make tea cubes.

• 2 x 6 Packs of Frozen Superfood TEA CUBES 
• 2 Bags of Frozen Organic CHOPPED TEA 
• 1 Custom TEA Cube Mesh Infuser

St. Johns - Friend of GMTC

Gongfu Tea Tools

Gong Fu Tea Tools

From our friends at Oregon Tea Traders!

Gong Fu is a traditional Chinese ceremony of brewing tea. These Gong Fu tea tools used in the ceremony, include a scoop for the tea leaves, a cleaning tool, and tongs for holding the hot teacups.

Oregon - Friend of GMTC

Tea On The Go Bottle

Tea On The Go Infuser Bottle

A personal favorite from our own inventory, the On The Go Infuser Bottle. This bottle is perfect for taking your tea on the go, especially in the New Year when many folks tend to focus a bit more on trying to take off the extra holiday pounds. It is made with Borosilicate glass which means it can take hot or cold temperatures. They are even available in a gift box with tea.


Mississippi - This is us!


SanTea Sticker

SanTea Sticker

From our friend Virginia who we have worked with on many a tea project. She has a cute sticker with her signature cool tea leaf on it. See more here.

Mississippi - Friend of GMTC


Baked Apple Almond

Baked Apple Almond Tea

A sweet and caffeine-free dessert in a cup tea from the cultured cup. Satisfying, colorful, and hydrating without the calories of a sugar-filled soda! 

Herbal Tea

Harvest Spice Tea By Oregon Tea Traders

Harvest Spice Tea - Oregon Tea Traders

Angela the owner of Oregon Tea Traders, is known for her immense passion for flavor. It is her superpower. Harvest Spice tea is a tantalizing blend of spices and Rooibos. Both familiar and exotic spices blend to produce a warm comforting tea. Naturally caffeine free.


Oregon - Friend of GMTC

Ohio Tea Co

Blue Lagoon

From the Ohio Tea Company. Crisp, complex, and slightly sweet, Blue Lagoon is an herbal tea that is great hot and even better served iced. Lemongrass and raspberry are the predominant flavors, but light tart hints of apple and rose hips add to the flavor profile. Blue butterfly pea flower colors tea a beautiful indigo color.



Moringa Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Rose Moringa

From our friends at Steep N' Clay this is a tea leaf mixed with chamomile, rose petals and moringa, is the perfect morning starter! Moringa is considered very nutritious!


Illinois - Friend of GMTC


Mississippi Sunshine Yellow Tea

Mississippi Sunshine Yellow Tea

An incredibly rare tea to be made in the USA. Mississippi Sunshine is a fermented green tea which makes it yellow. This outstanding tea has all the goodness of a green but with a slightly sweeter flavor. Honey notes and a sweet buttery mouth feel. This is an award winning tea that is a must try!

Rare & Unique Tea

Rare Tea

Guayusa Spice

This tea sounded interesting from Ohio Tea Company. This is a tea company that was recommended by tea fans in the Facebook Group Tea Lovers. This tea is described as an Amazonian blend of energizing guayusa with full-bodied cinnamon and aromatic lemongrass.


Tea Cubes

Tea Cubes Starter Kit

It doesn't get more unique than this! Millennia Tea is offering a very rare fresh tea leaf product that is well suited for those looking for great ways to get more tea in their diet. Their Starter Kit Bundle offers Tea Cubes, Chopped Tea and an Infuser. A great gift for the health conscious person in your life!


St. Johns - Friend of GMTC

13 Moons Oolong Tea

13 Moons Oolong Tea

13 Moons was a collaborative effort by world renowned tea maker Beverly Wainwright and The Great Mississippi Tea Company. Oolong are rarely ever made in the USA due to their unique processing requirements. With innovation they have been able to bring to life a US grown Oolong Tea and it is excellent! Many bloggers and tea enthusiasts have tested this tea and delivered it a lot of praise. It has also won an award in Australia for quality. A must try.

Mississippi - Friend of GMTC

Sticky Rice Puerh Tea

Sticky Rice Puerh Tea

Puerh is such a rare tea to enjoy but our friends at Oregon Tea Traders carry a few neat kinds. Sticky Rice is a smooth and brisk ripe puerh tea in easy to use toucha nests. The Chinese herb Nuo Mi Xiang has been added giving it the aroma and taste of sticky rice. Brew one toucha multiple times, the flavor is hard to exhaust!


Oregon - Friend of GMTC

Blooming Blossom

Blooming Blossom

From our friends at the cultured cup this is a cool tea. From Fujian, this handcrafted blooming blossom slowly opens and transforms into a fragrant and delicious tea bouquet!

Texas - Friend of GMTC

Lapsong Souchong Tea


From our friends at Oregon Tea Traders this is a top pick tea from Timmy here at Great Mississippi Tea Company. He has shared that a Lapsong Tea is one of his favorite teas. This tea is a robust Chinese black Lapsong Souchong tea that is smoked with pine needles. This tea is invigorating, stimulating, and bold with a strong smoky flavor.

Everyday Tea

Longleaf Tea Black Tea

Revival Black Tea

From our friends in the same State as us this is Longleaf Tea Company.

The medium body and notes of toasted honey make for a versatile tea eager to please both pinky pointers and sweet tea slammers alike. The tea is about more than a morning boost. It’s a partner on the path to making a better day.

Mississippi - Friend of GMTC

Black Tea

Big Easy Black Tea

From our friends at the Fleur De Lis Tea Company this is their Big Easy Black Tea. This tea was developed with the well know tea expert Beverly Wainwright and once featured by Harney & Sons.


Louisiana - Friend of GMTC

Irish Breakfast Tea

Irish Breakfast Tea

From our friends at the cultured cup. Wake up with this bold Irish breakfast tea. Full-bodied with rich, malty, and spicy notes, this tea begs for milk and sugar! 


Texas - Friend of GMTC

Black Magnolia Black Tea

Black Magnolia Black Tea

This would definitely be one of our top selling teas from the farm. Black Magnolia is a US grown Black tea. This tea makes a wonderful cold sweet tea or a fantastic cup of hot tea. This particular black tea is lightly oxidized to allow for its more delicate flavors to come to the forefront of the tea. This has flavor notes of sweet potatoes, molasses, malt, and stone fruit.



 Apricot Peach (Caffeine Free)


From our friends at The World Tea House in Canada this Caffeine Free Apricot Peach tea sounds amazing. Immerse yourself into the sweet ambrosia of this heavenly herbal infusion and allow yourself to escape into sheer euphoria. Steeps a delicate pinkish color with a clean finish reminiscent of ripe apricots and Asian pears. May be enjoyed hot or over ice.

Caffeine Free Tea

Plum & Spice Caffeine Free Tea

 Plum & Spice

From our friends at Steep N' Clay check out this great caffeine free tea option Plum and Spice. Sweet, tart and spicy blend that is perfect for getting cozy by a crackling fire. Hibiscus Flowers and Rose Hips make for a base that is tart and juicy while Cinnamon Chips and Ginger Root pieces team up for spicy warmth. All this comes together with whole Cranberries, and tangy Apple pieces infused with the flavors of ripe, red Plums. Best served hot with a cinnamon stick or a dash of honey.

Illinois - Friend of GMTC

Banana Split Tea

Banana Split Caffeine-free Fruit Infusion

This caffeine-free tisane is bursting with tropical flavors! Coconut, strawberry, mango, apple, and peach pair with banana chips to make one of our most flavor-packed teas. A bit of hibiscus flower gives the cup a natural light red color.



Kentucky - Friend of GMTC

Mango Tango Peach

Mango Tango 

From our friends at the cultured cup. A caffeine-free medley of sweet mango, pineapple, and citrus with a bit of sugar—a kid-friendly fill-in for sugary sodas. 


Texas - Friend of GMTC


Grilled Southern Peach Tea

Cold Smoked Peach Tea


A personal favorite from our own farm inventory is our award winning Grilled Southern Peach Tea. This is a real stunner of a tea! Perfect iced with pulled pork at a barbecue or hot while sitting by a fire reading your favorite book. This is a pecan wood cold smoked black and oolong tea blend with dried peach pieces. The pecan wood smoke lends a vanilla note to the tea. Great hot or cold. It has been used in cocktail and mocktails recipes too.

Flavored Tea

Oregon Tea Traders

Daydreamer's Cardamom Tea - Oregon Tea Traders

This is one of our favorite Oregon teas. Owner Angela has a superpower for blending tea. One of her best selling teas is the Daydreamers Cardamom tea. A vanilla and Black tea mix it is sure to be a fast favorite in your cup.

Oregon - Friend of GMTC

Bourbon Black Tea

Bourbon Black Tea

From our friends at Elmwood Fine Teas this is Bourbon Black Tea. This tea has flavor notes of vanilla and caramel. Ingredients include Premium black tea, sunflower petals, calendula petals, organic natural flavoring. A Kentucky inspired flavor tea, now that is cool!

Kentucky - Friend of GMTC

Grilled Southern Peach

Grilled Southern Peach

A personal favorite from our own farm inventory is our award winning Grilled Southern Peach Tea. This is a real stunner of a tea! Perfect iced with pulled pork at a barbecue or hot while sitting by a fire reading your favorite book. This is a pecan wood cold smoked black and oolong tea blend with dried peach pieces. The pecan wood smoke lends a vanilla note to the tea. 

Mississippi - Friend of GMTC

 MI CHAI (Butterfly Chai)STEAP Chai

This tea was a suggestion from Tea Lovers Club tea member Samantha and it looks so pretty! MI CHAI is a new and unique chai blend, inspired by the great state of Michigan and traditional Indian Chai. This proprietary blend will delight your senses with it's light blue hue, "chai" taste, and comforting aroma. Yes, it is naturally caffeine free and naturally BLUE.   


Tea Subscription Services

Oregon Tea Traders Tea of the month

New Tea Every Month Club

Our friend Angela offers a tea of the month program. Those that subscribe will get a new tea at the beginning of the month to try. Angela is a master at blending so we are sure you will get something tasty each month. 


Oregon - Friend of GMTC



25 Days of Christmas: Tea Advent Calendar Kit - Churchill's Fine Tea  

Suggested by Facebook Fan Erin from the Tea Lovers Club, here is a subscription service from a tea company out of Cincinnati.




Ohio Tea Co


Winter Variety Pack - Ohio Tea Company

This was a suggestion from a tea fan in the Tea Lovers Group on Facebook, Lindsey. They recommended Ohio Tea Companies Winter Variety pack it has a lot of their popular holiday tea options. 



Influencers & Groups

Bonus share! No purchase necessary!! Here are some great tea influencers or groups to follow. (Make sure to comment with who else should be on the list)

Destination Tea

Destination Tea

Angela of Destination Tea is a great tea resource. She has a wonderful tea map for Tea in the USA and offers a lot of great tea advice through many social media channels including YouTube, Tik Tok and Facebook. 

Georgia - Friend of GMTC

Tea Lovers Club

Tea Lovers Club Facebook

This is probably THE BEST Facebook tea group out there. It is so well moderated with regular activities and constant tea posting amongst a really positive group of people. They give followers a lot of great theme days to share their tea and tea supplies. A wonderful Facebook group for tea fans.

World Wide - Friend of GMTC




Oolong Drunk

The Oolong Drunk

Our friend Cody is a very active tea community member. Find him on all the usual social media channels sharing his passion for tea. He is a big fan of Oolong and Puer. This year he also made a visit to the tea farm, experiencing US grown tea first hand.

Denver - Friend of GMTC

Tea & Hat Lady

 The Tea In Hat Lady Blogger

The Tea and Hat Lady is an STI Certified Tea Specialist concentrating on blogging about how tea continues to influence her life-style through tea adventures, discoveries, and wellness. Find her on her blog or on Facebook.

Tea Journey

Tea Journey

Tea Journey is an incredible resource for tea fans. Dan works tirelessly to share copious amounts of tea information through his page. It is clean and professionally managed. Small tea companies have always been grateful to Dan for allowing us the ability to advertise for free on his page which helps small businesses like us. A great page to add to your favorites. They also have a subscription service for a small fee but they still offer a huge amount of tea info free from their main website. 


Winnipeg, Canada - Friend of GMTC


Tea Time With Emily


Emily has an impressive collection of teas. She posts daily often multiple times a day on Tik Tok her Tea Tastings, Tea Wisdom and Unboxings. A great one to follow if you want to get introduced to new teas.



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